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Are drones the future of modern farming?

Many people believe that the future of agriculture largely depends on small flying vessels called drones. These advanced “identified flying objects” offer various possibilities for improvement in modern, precision driven farming. Drones can monitor crops, livestock herds or supervise the infrastructure, even in difficult weather conditions. Thanks to implemented state-of-art technology – it is possible to accurately assess the soil richness and condition, without the necessity to violate the integrity of the field with heavy equipment.

It is claimed that drones may be the next big step in the development of the farming with ability to precision spray with micronutrients or plant protection products. Widespread use of this technology would not only reduce the costs of fertilizers and pesticides, but also limit the environmental impact with lower doses of chemicals. An additional advantage of drones is the processing and analysis of data on a regular basis, which may be performed with very limited participation of employees.

In our opinion – it is only a matter of time before drones will become more widespread and will change modern agriculture forever.


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