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Facilitation in minor uses of the plant protection product

The newly prepared amendment of the Regulation on minor uses of a plant protection product has two overriding objectives. It facilitates registration and also increases access to the above mentioned plant protection products.

Changes in regulations regarding both rulings and currently in force permits for minor usage. Moreover the changes also apply to placing new plant protection products on the market.

The alterations concern plant types which aren’t generally cultivated in Poland. Minor applications include only such plant types which take up no more than 1% of the total surface area of the field.

Energy poplar trees and wheat (spelt, einkorn wheat, emmer, durum) were applied to this project as agricultural and industrial crops. The vegetations growing on playing fields and golf courses, lawns as well as sugar-beet cultivation (in relations to the sugar-beet weevil) have been added to popular but not commonly occuring organism cultivation. Both the increased availability of plant protection products as well as the simplified method of acquiring the required permits will most definietely have a good impact on agricultural producers.

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