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Comprehensive business development service

Business development means change – and with change comes uncertainty. KJJ Consulting Group offers a comprehensive business development service from first concept, through implementation, up to post-development support. The process is carried out in such a way that possible risks and uncertainty are minimised, providing peace of mind for the client. Each project is analysed in relation to the client’s business and its specific circumstances in order to achieve the best operational and financial outcome.


For our clients we offer a development process divided into the following stages:

  1. Analysis of the current state of the business
  2. Suggestions for areas for development through organic growth or M&A
  3. Implementation of development projects with as little engagement of the client as necessary in order not to expend operational resources
  4. Handling of supply logistics and production in order to provide “ready to sell” solutions
  5. Optional post-development support: suggestions for sales models, finding potential customers, regulatory support, etc.

Complex business development service (crop protection product registration as example)

Organic growth

The idea behind organic growth is to develop the company through the utilisation of its own resources. KJJ Consulting Group’s experience is that most small- and medium-sized businesses are so absorbed in day-to-day operations that there is very little time left to pursue such development. KJJ provides the resources and know-how along with project management in order to provide solutions that involve the client as little as possible.


Services from this business unit include, among others:

  • Development of product portfolios in the area of crop protection products, fertilisers and biocides
  • Extension of the value chain in order to achieve higher margins, e.g. by substitution of currently distributed brands with owned ones
  • Development or reorganisation of production facilities
  • Support in developing sales networks for new products in Europe

Growth through M&A

Mergers and acquisitions are development processes that are nowadays regarded as most interesting among modern companies. Development through M&A is in most cases considered to be quicker than organic growth but at the same time reserved for big multinational enterprises due to its complex nature. Drawing on our extensive experience, KJJ Consulting Group is able to offer full support in the comprehensive management of M&A projects. Our service covers the whole process from the very beginning up to integration of joint businesses.


Services from this business unit include, among others:

  • Takeovers of Europe-based companies
  • Takeovers of crop protection product registration in Europe
  • Conceptualisation of management “carve-out” and acquisition of parts of business
  • Concept development and management of business (unit) divestiture